Lois Kelly of Foghound Communication on Going Beyond Buzz

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As social media and word of mouth marketing slowly mature as disciplines, I'm glad that more and more people are writing books on the subject. Because as much as I love the stream of consciousness info flood that I get through my blog reader every morning, it's also nice to explore a subject in a more deliberate way.

For this podcast, I chatted with Lois Kelly of Foghound Communication, a forward thinker on the subject of word of mouth marketing, about her new book, Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation of Word of Mouth Marketing.

The book (4.5 stars on Amazon) explores two fundamental and important questions:

1. Why is finding interesting ways to talk about our companies, products and issues so difficult?
2. If marketing is a conversation, what new approaches, skills and tools do marketers need?

In this interview, Lois gives a great overview of the book, her answers to these questions and some concrete examples that any marketer can learn from.

Check it out!

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