Podcast Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Michael Sikorsky of Cambrian House on the Business of Crowdsourcing

Few entrepreneurs are doing something as unique as Michael Sikorsky is with Cambrian House. He's out to bring crowdsourcing to software through a system that shares the rewards and the decision making power with the community.

Michael was kind enough to share his experiences with this innovative idea so far, what has worked, what has surprised him and what's next.

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Ken Rudin of LucidEra on SaaS for Business Intelligence

For my 104th podcast, I was lucky enough to chat with Ken Rudin. Ken is the CEO of LucidEra, an innovative start-up that is combining the magic of SaaS with the mission-critical function of business intelligence.

Ken was nice enough to share his thoughts on combining SaaS and business intelligence, the challenges his company faces, why they think they've got the best solution to this business pain-point, and more.

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Alex Laats of Podzinger on Online Audio Search

One of the next major waves in search is online video and audio. And one of companies leading that wave is Podzinger, a spin-out from BBN. For my 103rd podcast interview, I had a chance to talk with their CEO, Alex Laats, about the company, the technology, the trends and the challenges.


Luke Wroblewski of Yahoo and LukeW Interface Designs on User Interface Design

Few of my interviewees have come to me more highly recommended than Luke Wroblewski. A multitude of my web design and user interface friends told me that I absolutely had to do an interview with him. Why, you might ask?

Brian Fling of Blue Flavor on Design for the Mobile Web

With some research predicting that half the planet will be using a cell phone by 2009, the design of applications for them will be a huge focus over the next decade. For my 101st interview, I set down with one of the few veterans of mobile web design in existence, Brian Fling of Blue Flavor.

Timothy Chou formerly head of Oracle On Demand on Tanooma

I recently hit the major milestone of my 100th podcast on my project to record 1,000 interviews with innovative marketers, entrepreneurs and other interesting people.

Timothy Chou, the former head of Oracle On Demand, was nice enough to chat with me about the SaaS movement, Tanooma, the startups that are exciting him and more.

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Fard Johnmar of Envision Solutions on Social Media in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States. It is also one of the most highly regulated and controlled. Hence it might not seem to be a natural place for the application of social media. But Fard Johnmar of Envision Solutions is a believer that social media can help healthcare organizations deal with some of their biggest communication challenges.

Diane Krakora of Amazon Consulting on Partnering Successfully

I'm back and excited to be podcasting again.

For my 98th podcast interview on my quest for 1,000 interviews, I was lucky enough to connect with Diane Krakora of Amazon Consulting. Amazon Consulting is one of leading partnership consulting firms in the valley.

Diane was nice enough to share some insights into how to make high-tech partner programs work, where to start if you're put in charge, her opinion of some of the huge deals happening in high tech today and more.

Colin Earl of Enterprise Wizard discusses SaaS and Entrepreneurship

For my 96th podcast, I was lucky enough to chat with Colin Earl of Enterprise Wizard. Enterprise Wizard is a succesful CRM company with an interesting hybrid business model combining the best of SaaS and traditional software. It's been around since the early 90s and has a long list of satisfied customers.

Colin was nice enough to share his viewpoint on SaaS, Enterprise Wizard's business model and more.

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Flemming Madsen of Onalytica on Online Influence and WOM Measurement

As a former marketing analyst and social media fanatic, I love trying to understand the flow of influence and traffic online. For my 96th podcast interview, I had the chance to talk with a leading expert on measuring influence, popularity and social media online - Flemming Madsen of Onalytica.

Flemming and I chatted about the challenges of and approaches for measuring online influence, what to watch out for when you measure online conversations, the next evolution and more.