Podcast Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Marketers

David Malouf of Intralinks on User Interface Design

Website and interaction design is on my mind and in my podcasts a lot lately. For my 95th podcast, I continued my search for insight into this field by interviewing David Malouf of Intralinks.

David and I talked about rich websites, his design philosophy, the mistakes companies make, and more.


Yvonne DiVita of Windsor Media on Marketing to Women

Since we're on the subject of marketing to particular groups, I thought it would be appropriate to bring in an expert on the subject of marketing to women. Yvonne DiVita is a professional writer and publisher at Windsor Media, perhaps best known for her blog Lipsticking and her book, Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online.

Brian Altomare of Madpackers on Youth Marketing

I find it really interesting the blunders that many companies make in trying to market to college kids. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard. For my 93rd podcast, I interviewed Brian Altomare of Madpackers, a young entrepreneur with a particular flair for marketing to young people.

Brian and I talked about his company, the challenges of partnering with a public company, the mistakes companies make in trying to market to the college market and more.

Jim Young of Jambo chats about Mobile Social Networking

Social networking sites have always left me a little disappointed because I hate how I'm locked into their site to do anything. For my 92nd podcast, I chatted with an entrepreneur who is trying to take our social networks out of their sites and into our lives. Jim Young is the CEO of Jambo Networks, a company that uses WiFi PDAs, laptops, and cellphones to match users nearby.

Jim shared the story of Jambo, how the technology works (it's very cool), their business strategy and more.

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Des Cahill of Habeas on Email Marketing and Online Reputation

Love it or hate it, email is here to stay. And as long as email is the killer app online, marketers will use it and so will our evil and distantly-related cousins, the spammers. For my 91st interview, I was lucky enough to get to talk with Des Cahill, CEO of Habeas, the "Email Trust Authority" company.

Des was nice enough to share his thoughts on the future of email, spam, feeds, online reputation and more.


Tamara Littleton of eModeration on Community Monitoring

Developing online communities is an incredibly complex challenge with a high risk/reward ratio. They can create incredibly loyal customers or they can wreck brands if they spin out of control. For my 90th podcast interview, I had the honor of chatting with Tamara Littleton of eModeration, a leading community and interaction moderation company.

Tamara and I talked about what eModeration actually does, the tools/approaches they use, the evolution of community monitoring, consumer generated media and more.


Ynema Mangum of Talk BMC on Corporate Social Media

One the big questions in my mind about social media is how to large corporations can apply it. A few of the larger tech companies (Microsoft, HP, etc.) have taken a free-for-all approach. BMC Software, a $1.5 Billion publicly-traded company, has taken a slightly more controlled one with Talk BMC.

Joseph Carrabis and the Next Stage Global Team on Behavioral Web Analytics

Given how much time I spend online struggling with bad websites, I'm fascinated with companies that promise a better way. NextStage Global is a pioneer in using "behavioral metrics" to help companies to better understand their website visitors in a non-intrusive way and give those visitors a better experience.

Paul Adams of Flow Interactive on User Experience Design

For my 87th podcast, I tracked down Paul Adams of Flow Interactive. Paul is a user experience consultant in the UK and brings years of experience from Dyson, Faurecia and Perfix to the design table.

Nick Blozan of OpSource on the SaaS Trend

There is a classic entrepreneurial adage about how gold rush prospectors don't get rich but instead the people selling the shovels and picks do. OpSource, the focus of my 86th interview, is one of the leading sellers of the "equipment" for the SaaS revolution - connectivity, infrastructure and support.

Nick and I talked about OpSource, the major hurdles for enterprise software companies in changing to SaaS, how SaaS affects business models and marketing/sales strategy, what to look for when buying a SaaS package and more.