Podcast Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Jeff Turner of Blogbeat & Feedburner on Blog Analytics

For my 75th podcast, I was lucky enough to sit down with Jeff Turner, the founder of Blogbeat. Blogbeat was one of the leading companies in blog analytics and was recently purchased by Feedburner.

Jeff was nice enough to take a few minutes away from his vacation to chat about how Blogbeat was founded, how the Feedburner acquisition came about, the future of blog analytics and more.


Ken Boasso of Keychain Logic on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

I admit that I've been on a bit of a SaaS kick lately. First Axel and then Jim. But good things come in threes (and sevens and twelves and seventy-fours) so I connected with Ken Boasso of Keychain Logic to talk about sales and marketing in a SaaS world.

Howard Scott and Gray Sycamore on Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing is hot, hot, hot.

For podcast #73, I connected with a couple of sharp digital marketers from the UK for a chat. Howard Scott and Gray Sycamore are the masterminds behind adland.tv and Adventures in digital marketing and are at the forefront of digital marketing.

Nancy Twomey of Imperva on Partner Marketing

For my 72nd interview, I was lucky enough to get to chat with Nancy Twomey, a true Silicon Valley veteran. Most recently at WebEx, she's starting at Imperva in a week as their new Senior Director of Partner & Integrated Marketing and was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her short sabbatical to talk to me.

Nancy and I covered what is currently exciting her in the marketing field, the challenges that she'll face in her new role and the keys to successful partner marketing.

Check it out!

Jared Spool of User Interface Engineering on Designing Great User Experiences

Everyday we all deal with a multitude of user interfaces on our computers, cell phones, TVs, PDAs and MP3 players. Some suck, some rock. Most are somewhere in between.

For my 71st podcast interview, I talked with Jared Spool of User Interface Engineering about why most user interfaces suck and how to make them better.

Jim Howard of Crownpeak on SaaS and Marketing "Mashups"

SaaS is huge trend that, if you're like me, you probably want to know more about. So, for my 70th interview, I tracked down Jim Howard of Crownpeak. Crownpeak is a leading SaaS company by any measure you'd like to use. It's profitable, growing by leaps and bounds and its customers love its website management services.

Jim and I chatted about the SaaS trend, the challenges that Crownpeak faces, why SaaS is a superior business model, "marketing mashups" and more.

Here you go,

Christopher Ahlberg of Spotfire on the Future of Visual Analytics

I chalked up another first yesterday for this project and did an interview face to face. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of Spotfire, was nice enough to sit down and have coffee with me in the lobby of the Hotel Diplomat here in Stockholm.

Christopher and I chatted about Spotfire, the future of visual analytics, his company's strategy for growth, the changing role of the analyst, competing on analytics and more.

Axel Schultze of Tanooma

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a huge trend. From email to accounting to windows to CRM, everyone is jumping on board.

Tom Asacker on Branding

Branding is an often overlooked, frequently screwed up and extremely important marketing skill. Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to get to pick the brain of Tom Asacker, a leading expert on branding in order to find out why so many companies get it wrong.

Stan James of OutfoxedLijit on Social Search

Stan James is out to change the world and he might just have an idea that could do it.

I could try and explain it to you but the Outfoxed website does it better than I ever could. (The service has been re-branded Lijit)

Or you could just listen to the podcast: