Podcast Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Matt Blumberg of Return Path on Email Marketing and the Future of Feeds

Email marketing is about as "old school" as online marketing gets. But regardless of its age, it's a crucial piece of any company's online strategy and Matt Blumberg of Return Path knows it as well as anyone.

Matt was nice enough to chat with me about the big trends in email, the one thing that has never changed, how he sees feeds fitting into the big picture and the 3 things he would tell another first time CEO if he had their ear for 5 minutes.

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C.C. Chapman of Babson chats about Podcasting

For podcast #64, Julien Smith sent me in the direction of C.C. Chapman. From his day job as digital marketing manager at Babson to his indie film company to his work with the Podsafe Music Network to his dual podcasts (Accident Hash and Managing the Gray), C.C.

JP Sherman of MarketSmart Interactive on Search Marketing

Every since I interviewed Garrett French, he's been after me to sit down with one of his coworkers (JP Sherman, an expert in competitive intelligence in search marketing). Emails, phone calls, etc., they always ended with "whenever you're ready, JP is too." Well, Garrett, you got your wish and, man, am I glad I took your advice.

Dmitry Buterin of Wild Apricot on Web Design and User Experience

For my 62nd podcast interview, I tracked down another sharp Canadian entrepreneur, Dmitry Buterin of Bonasource and Wild Apricot.

Ian White of Urban Mapping on the Innovative Product Design

Too often we forget that the road to success is rarely easy nor a straight line.

Ian White of Urban Mapping is a chronic entrepreneur and an amazing example of perseverance.

In the podcast, we chat about his unique background, his innovative business and more.


Robbin Steif of LunaMetrics on Online Conversion and Marketing

For my 60th podcast, I connected with Robbin Steif of LunaMetrics. Robbin is an expert on website conversion, an aspect of online marketing that is too often overlooked in a mad pursuit for traffic.

In our conversation, we chatted about conversion, the mistakes companies make in their online marketing, RSS vs. email marketing, what to look for when hiring an internal seo/web analytics person vs. an external consultancy and more.

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Julien Smith on Professional Podcasting and the Long Tail

There are times when I wish I could bottle the energy that I have after an interview. The buzz I had after I finished my podcast with Julien Smith (#59) was one of those times.

Bob Gold of the Gold Group on Social Media Marketing

For my 58th podcast interview, I talked with Bob Gold of the Gold Group. Bob is a serial entrepreneur who's out to bring social media marketing to some mainstream companies.

We chatted about the Gold Group, the challenges he faces with convincing clients to invest in social media, the exciting project that the Gold Group is launching next year (if you listen you can get a sneak peak) and why he hasn't started blogging yet (it's the best possible reason).


Many more podcasts to come. Stay tuned!

Brian Oberkirch on Social Media and Marketing

I'm back on the podcasting trail. For my 57th podcast, I chatted with Brian Oberkirch, a social media consultant and podcaster (formerly of Weblogs Work).

Brian talked with me about "marketing on the edge", Dell's new blog, how to get clients to pay for social media consulting services and more.

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Manish Shah of RapLeaf on Online Reputation

Reputation and identity online are fascinating subjects. For my 56th podcast, I connected with an entrepreneur that's trying to remake the landscape of reputation online - Manish Shah of Rapleaf.com.

Rapleaf is basically recreating seller and buyer reputation like eBay has but without not attaching it to a single closed system. I think the idea is fascinating and Rapleaf is definitely one to watch.